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Bootstrapped and Ready For Launch September 5th

99Launch.es opens the door for you to discover what new website or app is out there waiting to change your life! We connect you with the latest internet startups from around the world. While doing so, we provide you with a gaming tool that rewards you points just for checking in & social sharing your new discoveries. If you earn enough points to land a spot on our leaderboard, you will be eligible to grab one of our weekly free prizes all for visiting daily and sharing often.

99LaunchesBootstrapped Startup Launching September 15, 2011 

Features of 99Launch.es

  1. Gamification via BigDoor Gaming Platform:  At 99Launch.es you will rack up points just for checking in and social sharing your new startup discoveries. We want you to engage in some healthy competition and have good ol' fashioned fun while sharing our site with others.
  2. Gaming Rewards via Hello Bar: When you reach our site, our Hello Bar alerts you about the current week's reward for top point-getters! 99Launch.es has partnered with more than two dozen partners to bring you special web offers (like those seen on AppSumo.com and Startups.com) that are free or deeply discounted. Winners will be announched live weekly during our Vokle.com show.
  3. Live Chat via SnapEngage: Although this live chat feature is primarily used for web services, we understand that the average non-techie may not be familiar with a curated review of up-to-date internet startups, which is why it is our goal to reach out to those visitors just before they leave and help them understand “what the heck this is.”
Some of our Partners



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Meet the Team

Founder & Chief Curator & Business Guy, Eric Strait - Texan, and former high school educator that decided to follow his heart and geeky passion and love of tech.  In late March of this year, he created and founded StartupDelight.com.  Less than 5 months later, StartupDelight is now being acquired by a sister company of a known startup that gets over 1 million page-views a month.  Details to be released very soon!

Co-Founder, Brandy Strait - Fellow Texan, 99Launch.es evangelist, Press Manager, and is married to Eric Strait.


About 99Launches

Startup curation meets free weekly deals.